About us

At Acton, we bring together the three things that matter most:
social responsibility, continual innovation, and quality products


To minimise our environmental impact, we use small and fast drops to test demand and avoid overproduction.

We're also committed to being charitable, so every purchase you make, makes a difference.  Each skirt you buy allows you to vote for which charity we will donate a portion of our proceeds to. 



In pursuit of our goal to make the best skirt, each skirt comes with a link to submit feedback, which helps us improve each release. 



Quality is very important to us and when designing our skirts, we adhere to the following principles to make better skirts for men, women, all.


1. Real skirts for real people.

The features of each of our skirt are designed based on research on everyday men and women. 

Thus, we included at least 2 pockets per skirt, each 9" deep - the average size of a smartphone or a bulky wallet.

We also developed two innovative built-in belting/waistband control systems to ensure between 3 to 6 inches of variance in waist circumference.  This is based on a comprehensive review market research and scientific data about variations in body measurements across time. Real people bloat after a hearty holiday meal. 


2. Beauty meets function

The above functional elements are designed to also work in harmony with each skirt's aesthetic. 

Moreover, our team painstakingly sources fabric in person. We only use the most comfortable and breathable material we can find, whilst ensuring fabrics are appropriately weighted down to avoid the skirt blowing up easily in the wind.

Our designs are timeless but not boring, and each collection covers the entire range to allow you to be stylish at work or stand out at a bar. 


3. Maximise quality but minimise cost for the consumer 

It is important to us to maximise the quality and benefits delivered to the customer, whilst still minimising cost as much as possible. That's why we spend on the things that matter - quality fabrics and designs - and ignore the things that do not - branded shipping boxes or fancy offices.